Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Are You And Your Family At Risk?


Carbon monoxide is an silent killer that can’t be detected by humans. It has no colour, taste or scent, enabling it to creep up on people without them ever knowing. Unfortunately for hundreds of people every year, that means death. Don’t leave yourself or family vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning: Learn how it happens so you can prevent it and equip your home with alarms that detect the potentially fatal gas for you.

Where Does The Carbon Monoxide Come From?


Carbon monoxide results from incomplete combustion when fuel is utilized. This means that all of the fuel was not exhausted during the combustion process – so it leaks out into the air you may be breathing. The powerful gas then displaces the oxygen in your own body, leading to sever complications and eventual poisoning. Any fuel-burning process can leave you in the danger zone:

-Furnaces and boilers
-Wood stoves
-Gas stoves
-and more

Since every appliance and apparatus is capable of malfunctioning, you simply can not be without a carbon monoxide alarm when you use any of them in your home. There is no other way to know if gas is accumulating in the air you and your family breathe.

How Can You Stop The Gas From Invading Your Home?


While you can’t detect the carbon monoxide, there are some things you can do to hopefully stop the various appliances from emitting the poisonous gas:

-Ensure all appliances are vented
-Maintain and repair the equipment in your home according to manufacturer’s guidelines
-Have every fuel-operated element in the home inspected
-Watch for black, sooty debris around fireplaces and furnaces
-Look for a blue flame on all light appliances (orange or yellow is cause for alarm)

It’s also important to heed warning labels on fuel-powered items, such as never using a product designed for outdoor use inside. Despite the homeowner’s best efforts, though, carbon monoxide is always a threat when combustion is involved, thus, it is imperative that carbon monoxide alarms be installed throughout the home.

Whether you own or rent your home, you and your family are indeed at risk in the presence of fuel burning appliances. Since there really is no way to guarantee that carbon monoxide won’t become an issue and you’ll never even know it’s there, there’s simply no way around getting the alarms that will detect the danger and alert you to it. Place them at various intervals around the heating elements and especially where people sleep. Remember to check and replace batteries as needed and be smart with all your fuel-powered appliances and gadgets.